October 27, 2013

Petronas Sudan to Continue Supply Fuel to UNAMID

Petronas Marketing Sudan Limited (PMSL), a subsidiary of Petronas, will continue to supply fuel to the African Union/United Nations Hybrid Operations in Darfur (UNAMID) following its contract renewal.
 In a statement Friday, Petronas said PMSL has been supplying fuel to UNAMID since 2007, and the contract was renewed in February 2013 for a further period of five years.
 "Petronas therefore directly facilitates the humanitarian aid operations undertaken by UNAMID," it said.
 Petronas said this in response to reports on its fuel supply services at Nyala Airport in Darfur, Sudan.
 Petronas highlighted that the purpose of its presence at Nyala Airport, which is a civilian airport, was to service UNAMID and domestic and international civilian airlines.
 However, it said the Sudanese government authorities, in particular the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Sudan, can and does take control of the operation of the services at Nyala Airport from time to time.
 "This leads to PMSL and other fuel suppliers present at Nyala Airport to comply with local legal requirements, including directives issued by the CAA.
 "Such directives may include directing PMSL and other fuel suppliers to refuel a Sudan Armed Forces aircraft requiring such services at the airport," it said.
 It said the only alternative would be to cease operations altogether and thus denying the fuel supply services in support of UNAMID and to other users.
 "Petronas believes that PMSL's supply contract with UNAMID is evidence of its support for humanitarian aid operations in Darfur and rejects any insinuation that its human rights record is 'questionable' arising from this situation.
 "Throughout its operation, PMSL adheres to all applicable local and international regulations, and it shall continue to do so," it added.
Source: Bernama