December 28, 2011

Site Visit to St Joseph Platform

SJQ-A Platform

Previously I’m involved in St. Joseph Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (CEOR) project for Sarawak Shell Berhad(SSB). This is fast track project for 3 month duration and currently in Pre-Feed stage. 

The site visit/survey for this project was carried out on the 21/12/2011 for one jacket platform which is SJJT-H. My scopes of work for this site visit/survey are as below:

1.  Check the spare breakers for new UPS, instrument, process, lighting and small power loads.
2.  Check the MCCB and MCB rating.
3. Identify the deck extension area and check the electrical items obstructing the new deck extension area.
4.  Identify the existing lighting, earthing and cable routing available at site.
5.  Take photo

St Joseph Platform

During this site visit, i was staying in the new St Joseph Living Quarter which is SJQ-A and travel daily to satellite platform SJJT-H by boat.

Here a little bit information about this St Joseph Complex.

The St. Joseph field is located in the South China Sea about 35 kilometers off the coast of Usukan Bay and about 178 kilometers North East of Labuan. The water depth in the area is about 38.7 meters. St Joseph field is a cluster of Drilling Jackets (SJJT-A, B, F, G and H), Production Platform SJP-A, Riser Platform SJR-A, Compression Platform SJK-A, Vent/Flare Jacket SJV-A and new Living Quarter Platform SJQ-A.

This SJQ-A living quarter platform consist of 80 personnel living quarter together with a combined water treatment /injection system with a design capacity of 60,000 bwpd. The new SJQ-A platform has a minimum design life of 20 years and it has a bridge link to SJP-A Platform.

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