November 11, 2011

Thailand Oil and Gas Industry

Thailand Oil and Gas Fields

PPT Public Limited, formerly known as the Petroleum Authority of Thailand, oversees the oil, gas and power sectors in Thailand. In recent years, the industry has been deregulated with consequential privatization and consolidation. This move has been necessary to attract more foreign investments.


Thailand has 0.5 thousand million barrels of proven oil reserves as at 2009, while production was 330 thousand barrels per day, according to June 2010 BP Statistical Review of World Energy. However, consumption far outstrips production, and the country is the second net oil importer in South East Asia. Oil & Gas Journal has forecasted that Thailand’s oil and gas production will not be more than 250,000 bbl/d by 2011, although the country has purported 275,000 bbl/d last year.


Most of the country’s gas fields are located offshore in the Gulf of Thailand. Though production of natural gas has been increasing over the past 5 years, domestic consumption has not been adequately catered for. A proven reserves of natural gas stood at 0.36 trillion cubic metres, and consumption was 39.2 billion cubic metres in 2009.

Bongkot is the country’s largest natural gas producing field. Chevron is the largest foreign operator, involved in 22 offshore fields. Together they produce about 70% of the country’s natural gas production from 22 offshore fields. There are several projects aimed at increasing Thailand’s natural gas supplies over the next few years. The largest of these is PPTEP’s Arthit project, off the coast of Songkla. As early as 2008, PTTEP has announced that its Arthit Project has been producing natural gas at 370 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) and condensate at approximately 19,800 barrel per day (BPD). These figures exceeded the originally forecasted rates of 330 MMSCFD and 11,000 BPD respectively.


In 2011, Statoil of Norway signed a Memorandum of Understanding with PPT Public Limited to co-operate on LNG, conventional and non-conventional resources in Thailand.


Refineries; Capacity (Barrels/day)
1.       Thai Oil Refineries; 220,000 bbl/d
2.       IRPC Refinery; 215,000 bbl/d
3.       Rayong Refinery; 145,000 bbl/d
4.       SPRC Refinery; 150,000 bbl.d
5.       Bangchak Refinery; 120,000 bbl/d
6.       Sri Racha Refinery; 170,000 bbl/d
7.       Rayong Purifier Refinery; 17,000 bbl/d

Gas Processing Plant; Location; Capacity
1.       PTT gas separation unit plant 1; Rayong; 390mmscf/d
2.       PTT gas separation unit plant 2; Rayong; 290mmscf/d
3.       PTT gas separation unit plant 3; Rayong; 390mmscf/d
4.       PTT gas separation unit plant 5; Rayong; 530mmscf/d
5.   PTT gas separation unit plant 4; Kanhom, Nakhon Srithammarat; 1,770mmscf/d

Oil Terminal; Location
1.       Marine Oil Terminal; Map Ta Phut
2.       Liquefied Petroleum Gas Terminal; Ban Rong Po LNG
3.       Lam Lukka Oil Terminal; Lam Lukka District
4.       Lampang Petroleum Terminal; Muang District
5.       Nakhon Sawan Petroleum Terminal
6.       Phuket Oil Terminal; Muang District
7.       Phrakhanong Oil Terminal; Klongtoey
8.       Bang Chak Petroleum Terminal; Phra Khanong District
9.       Surat Thani Petroleum Terminal; Muang District
10.   Khon Kaen Petroleum Terminal; Muang District
11.   Songkla Petroleum Terminal; Singhanakorn District
12.   Bang Pa-in Oil Terminal; Bangpa-in District
13.   Saraburi Oil Terminal; Sao-Hai District
14.   Samut Sakhon Oil Terminal; Muang District
15.   Chiang Mai Oil Terminal; Muang District
16.   Denchai Oil Terminal; Denchai District
17.   Phitsanulok Oil Terminal; Muang District
18.   Ubon Ratchatani Oil Terminal; Warin Chamrap District
19.   Pak Phanang Oil Terminal; Pak Phanang District
20.   Sriracha Oil Terminal; Sriracha District
21.   Khao Bo Ya LPG Terminal; Sriracha District
22.   Ban Rong Po LPG Terminal; Banglamun District
23.   Udo Thani Oil Terminal; Muang District

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