September 14, 2011

ECO Biomass Generate Additional 20MW for Sabah Generating Capacity

The signing of a renewable electricity purchase agreement (REPA) between Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB Sdn Bhd) and ECO Biomass Power Sdn Bhd has lead to increase of another 20MW for Sabah’s electricity generating capacity. The RM164.9 million project by ECO Biomass was expected to start operations by end of 2012.

Under the REPA, Eco Biomass would supply electricity generated using oil palm empty fruit bunches to SESB for 21 years. It was the fourth biomass project in Sabah after TSH Power in Tawau, Seguntor Power and Kinabio Power in Sandakan whose generating capacity was 10MW each.

Since 2002, SESB had signed five REPAs with independent power producers and was in discussion with 10 more companies on the development of renewable energy-based power stations such as biomass, biogas, hydro and geothermal. To date, three companies that use biomass and one that operates a hydroelectric station has supplied 32MW to Sabah Grid System, which represented 2.8% of the state’s generating capacity and only 0.5% of the national capacity.

Source : BERNAMA News

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