August 17, 2011

Site Visit to Angsi Platform ANPG-A


Angsi field are located 170km off east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, southern region of Malay Basin with water depth of 69m. The currently producing Angsi Fields Development consists of 1 central processing platform ANPG-A and 5 drilling platforms namely ANDR-A, ANDP-B, ANDP-C, ANDP-D and ANDP-E. ANPG-A which is central processing platform bridge-linked to a wellhead platform ANDR-A.

Angsi Fields was developed jointly by 50:50 co-venturers PCSB (operator) and EMEPMI. The Angsi field is the first to be developed under the new Gas Production Sharing Contract, signed in November 1998.

Over 300km of pipelines were installed as part of the development of the Angsi Complex, including connections to production facilities on platforms Guntong D, Seligi A and Tapis and a new 166km pipeline to shore.

The development of Angsi is a key element in meeting Malaysia burgeoning energy needs in the coming decades, with 160 million barrels of oil and 1.4 tcf of gas expected to be produced from the field.

The completed project facilities will be operated by PCSB, except for the host tie-ins at Guntong-D (GuD), Irong Barat-A (IBA), Seligi-A (SeA) and the Onshore Slugcatcher (OSC) which will be operated by EMEPMI.


Consisting of a central processing platform (ANPG-A), a drilling/riser platform (ANDR-A) and a 100m interconnecting bridge, the complex will process oil and gas from Angsi field satellites, such as the Angsi-B drilling and production platform (ANDP-B), and future nearby platforms.

The Angsi complex will provide fully integrated support for drilling up to 52 wells, with facilities including two gas compression trains, gas lift and dehydration, power generation, water injection, gas sales, produced water handling and a 16MW power generation plant.

The ANPG-A topsides are the largest yet built in Malaysia with a total weight of 12,500t, configured with five modules sitting on a two-piece module support frame. Space is allocated for a future compression module, and accommodation for 100 personnel is available. Constructed by Sime SembCorp Engineering (SSE) in the southern state of Johor, the topsides are supported by an eight-legged steel piled substructure.

ANDR-A, the largest drilling/riser platform built in Malaysia to date, constructed by Malaysia Shipyard & Engineering (MSE) in Pasir Gudang, Johor is complemented with a satellite platform, ANDP-B, with a capacity of 32 additional production wells, located 6km to the west.

Dehydrated, compressed gas from the Angsi complex will be transported via pipeline to the Onshore Slug Catcher. Combined crude and condensate will be exported to Terengganu crude oil terminal TCOT via the Irong Barat-Tapis pipeline system. The complex will also serve as the processing centre for nearby platforms as well as a hub for gas from Guntong, Seligi, Besar and other southern gas fields.

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