July 2, 2011

Electrical Engineering Terms - G

  • Gassing (Battery) - The evolution of gas from one or more of the electrodes in a cell. Gassing commonly results from local action (self discharge) or from the electrolysis of water in the electrolyte during charging.
  • Gateway - The Gateway is a computer which provides interfaces between the local computer system and one or several SCADA (or RCC) systems.
  • Gel - A chemical compound used to seal and mechanically cushion fiber optic filament in a cable. The cleaners used to remove are made by American Polywater.
  • Gel Cleaner - A chemical based cleaner used to remove the gel in a fiber optic cable. Gel cleaner is made by American Polywater Corp.
  • Generator Step-Up (GSU) - Generator step up is done by transformers directly connected to the generator output terminals. This is usually done via busbars in large generating stations. They normally have a high voltage in secondary and high current in primary.
  • GF - Ground Fault.
  • Gin - A device used for temporary lifting.
  • GIS - Gas Insulated Switchgear (usually SF6).
  • Glare - A sensation of uncomfortable brightness, usually coming from a luminaire at angles between horizontal and 45 degrees below horizontal.
  • Global Positioning System - A system used for locating objects on Earth precisely, using a system of satellites in geostationary orbit in space. Often used by digital relays to obtain accurate time information.
  • GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
  • Gnd - Ground
  • Grease - 1) Slang for Cable Pulling Lubricant, a chemical compound used to reduce pulling tension by lubricating a cable when pulled into a duct or conduit. 2) Slang for Dielectric Grease, a silicone based chemical compound used to seal and lubricate connections
  • Grip All Stick - See Shotgun Stick.
  • Ground - 1. An electrical term meaning to connect to the earth. 2. A conducting connection, whether intentional or accidental by which an electric circuit, or equipment, is connected to the earth or some conducting body that serves in place of the earth.
  • Ground Fault - An undesired current path between ground and an electrical potential.
  • Grunt - A lineman's helper.
  • GTO - Gate Turn-off Thyristor
  • Gut - Slang for "Line Hose".
  • Guy Strain Insulator - An insulator, normally porcelain, used to electrically isolate one part of a down guy from another. Guy Strain Insulators are made by Porcelain Products.

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