September 23, 2013

Oil and Gas Jobs for Design Engineers

Job Opening for Design Engineers:

1/ Sr Project Engineer (min. 10 yrs exp)
2/ Sr Process Engineer (min. 10 yrs exp)
3/ Process Engineer (min. 7 yrs exp)
4/ Sr Structural Engineer (min. 10 yrs exp)
5/ Structural Engineer (min. 7 yrs exp)
6/ Sr Instrument Engineer (min. 10 yrs exp)
7/ Lead Control & Automation (min. 12 yrs exp)
8/ Sr Control & Automation (min. 10 yrs exp)
9/ Sr Electrical Engineer (min. 10 yrs exp)
10/ Electrical Engineer (min. 7 yrs exp)

The project is design phase for EPC with duration 1-2 yrs. Preferably Local Bumiputra or regional expats (Indonesian, Filipino). Send your good CV to:

Location: Miri

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