July 4, 2011

Electrical Engineering Terms - X,Y,Z

  • X - Reactance expressed in Ohms.
  • XHHW-2 - An XLPE insulated, moisture resistant conductor designed for use in wet or dry locations and an operating temperature of up to 90 degrees Celsius.
  • XLP - See "XLPE"
  • XLPE - Cross-Linked Polyethylene. A thermo set plastic compound that is used for insulation of wire and cable.
  • Xmodem - A protocol for transferring files during direct dial-up communications. Developed by Ward Christensen in 1977, Xmodem does error checking to ensure that information is not lost or corrupted during transfer of 128 byte blocks. Since its development it has

  • Y - See "Wye".
  • Yield Strength - The force required to stretch a material.

  • Z - Impedance
  • Zero Crossing - The point at which a sinusoidal voltage or current waveform crosses the zero reference axis.

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